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The Denali is a really bad built product and has safety issues and Keystone people lie lie lie I have had two dealers tell them it needs rebuilt in factory and keystone tells them no and has them to poor sorry fixes Keystone people are now lying to dealer I bought it from SOMEONE HAS TO STAND UP TO KEYSTONE THEY ARE CHEATING THE CONSUMER LET us do it together NOW CONTACT ME AND LETS TAKE ALLM OUR TRAILERS TO THE CEO HOUSE AND LET HIM SEE WHAT HIS COMPANY IS DOING TO US CONTACT MATT ZIMMERMAN let his family experience what we all are see how they like it

Product or Service Mentioned: Dutchmen Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Just bought Dutchman in Sept

Dealers tells you all options you have, then they Sale, go through pre delivery, then rush you off. Mine, I missed outdoor kitchen grill quick connect hose, showed me four places for TV mounts, NONE inside, one outside BUT no mount bracket for TV, other Mfgs.

Has mounts and gives you tv brackets, another great deal a external solar Plug in, Well guess what NO one, NO where knew where to buy the plug that connects your solar panels, four months I have found two places and two prices on them, just ask !

Now, hundreds of dollars and the factory don't work - charge batteries, AND last, I knew to get on top of RV and check seals, But Like , I said Saleman, pulled his BS,

Oh ! We need to close this deal, cause it's last day of month, cycle.

And BS in around till late, like Closing time, and it happened to be raining, so that wasn't good for me, Tho reading you guys problems, If I would have know, when hooked up in a Shop, I would of pulled it outdoors and parked and went and sit inside watching for leaks, and if even One little one, UNhook, tell them FIX or forget it, You have so many days to cancel a contract, with cause.

So to All RV ,ers, BIG mistake in Not checking out the Roof, even on a New one. Last, I think ALL RV Mfgs.

Should have shipping document showing what all comes with trailer-RV. Mine came with manual hand crank and shore line cable Good Luck, still PO,ed emailed customer service and phoned again today 3rd or 4th time

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