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Before I begin, please understand that everything that happened in this complaint, happened in a 7-10 day period of purchase. We couldn't take it back because we had to leave the state in 2 days in order for my husband to keep his job. So we toughed it out and thought that it would get better. We were wrong. We expected a few bugs but not an entire colony. We have recorded and took pictures and video of most of this for documentation. E-mailed Dutchmen/Keystone, with no response. NOTHING. We owned this trailer for exactly 3 months. We traded it in for a Jayco Eagle Premier on October 23, 2014. What a difference. Jayco is awesome, and stand by their warranties. Knew the Denali wouldn't make it through the first winter. We lost $8,000 on the trade in. Very unhappy. So here goes.

June 23, 2014, my husband and I bought a 2014 Dutchmen Denali 3371 BH Trail Edition. We traded a 2008 Jayco Jayflight 2(never a problem with it in 4 years, just too small for family of 5). We were trading up because my husbands job was in another state. So we needed a larger RV to live in. The dealer themselves were okay. Just sold poor quality merchandise. Before leaving dealer, power jack quit working, dealer replaced. Stereo did not work properly, had to replace. Main slide out rubber trim fell off, dealer glued it on.

The dealer we bought it from was approximately 15 miles from my home. On the 15 mile trip home, the door jamb on the bunkroom fell off. Okay easy enough fix. While loading the trailer the next day, we noticed many things. First being that the bunk over the storage/entertainment area was separated from the wall about 1-1 1/2 inches. This is also where the outdoor kitchen is located. We opened the outdoor kitchen and could see directly outside through the bunk crack. Had to drill holes through the pantry cabinet in indoor kitchen to try and close the crack. Didn't help much. Took trim and covered the gaps and caulked the living *** out of it. Didn't want bugs or cold to get in. A/C diffuser over entertainment center in living area was broken. Then realized A/C in front half of trailer didn't work. When my husband took the A/C apart, found that the duct was completely blocked off with tape during installation. Opened it up and sealed other leaks in rear duct at same time. Three pieces of trim fell off the wall. One is bubbled out. Shower surround popped out at the bottom. Stereo antenna came apart and had to fix it.Valance over front door fell half off, screwed it back up. Went to install satellite receiver, had to drill holes in cabinet next to the tv because there was nowhere else to install it, although it was satillite ready. Hung tv mount in main bedroom and found that you could not use the mounting hardware because the sliding door between the bedroom and bathroom could not be opened due to location of tv prep area. Had to use very short screws to install, and remove tv while traveling to prevent falling. Plugged tv in after install and the outlet fell into the wall. Upon further inspection, many of the outlets had only one screw in it. Thank God we are not ignorant and can fix what is broken. Thinking the worst was over, we left. We had to leave the next day and could NOT take it back to dealer. Husband had to be at jobsite in 2 days. But the worst was yet to come.

Approximately 100 miles into our trip, we pulled over at a truck stop and realized that the small fender attached to the slideout, blew off. We opened up the trailer to use the restroom and found that the back panel on the kitchen island had fallen completely off. No screws. We could only find two staples holding it on. Had to screw it on.

Approximately 300 miles into the trip, we had pulled into a campground for the night. We went to put the slide outs out and the kitchen slide would not go out. Called Dutchmen, no answer. Called dealer and mechanic told us that there is a override switch in the kitchen island. Just press it and hold it. Should reset it. Problem was that you couldn't reach it due to slide blocking doors to gain access. Husband finally tore into island via back panel that fell off. Reset motor and got the slide out out. Thought it was just out of alignment. NOPE. The next morning, we went to put the slide out in and it wouldn't budge. Reset it again and nothing. Called Dutchmen repeatedly, with no answer for the first three to four times. Then called dealer and talked to mechanic and he told my husband how to remove the trim and wood without damaging anything. My husband tore into it and found that the wires to the motor had very little solder on them and the hot wire came off. Plus the rivets holding the motor were very loose allowing for movement. He removed the motor, resoldered the wires, replaced the motor, reriveted bracket holding motor and it worked perfectly. During this time, he called Dutchmen back and got a hold of them. He told them that the slide didn't work and we were stuck. It was almost closing time where they were and they HUNG UP on him. Called back and once again, NO ANSWER. We were irate. By the way, we had to buy $89 in tools to fix it.

So, we finally made it to our destination. LATE. Went to level trailer and front jack broke. Had to manually put it down and now have to strap it up in transport. Found when setting up for the third time of owning it, that the bathroom door hinge was bent and made the door hang crooked. Bent it back with hand easily cause it was so flimsy. Same with bunkroom door. Had to rehang it completely. Pantry cabinet door latch would not close. Had to adjust it. Then we turned on the A/C and it would not cool the trailer. Was only 5 degrees cooler than outside. Called Dutchmen and they said that we had to bring it in to get it fixed and the closest dealer was 110 miles away and would have to leave it for 3 or more days. Plus, we had to have it to live in.

Within the next two days, the bedroom flooded because the pipe to the water heater was not secure. The cargo hatch wouldn't lock. When it was taken apart, found that the inner part of the latch was backwards. Outdoor kitchen hatch was hard to open or close. Then it started raining. Water poured into slideouts. Thought it was unlevel, releveled and it still poured in.

Now for the poor design. Entertainment center shelves are not deep enough to hold dvd cases. Had to put them in sideways. I don't usually carry a dvd around to check such things. Vanity under bathroom sink had bottom area closed off. Took panel out and they covered up storage space for no reason. Water pipe was only thing there and it was tacked up to the wall. Stupidity. No ladder to climb up on top bunk of double bunk side. Light fixtures are installed crooked and no light switches except in bathroom. Control panel in odd spot.

Most of these problems are not known to the consumer until you actually live in it and move it. It was brand new and it is completely unacceptable for such poor quality. I am contacting my Attorney General's office. They are great when it comes to things like this. Most people don't know that they can enlist the help of the Attorney General. That is what they do. And they are powerful enough to shut companies down for however long it deems fit. So wish me good luck and Uh, buy a Jayco next time. You will be much happier.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I agree these Denali trailer are a piece of crap and Keystone management doesn't care and the retail customer service reps LIE!!!!!!!! to you all the Time Lets get the biggest class action suit going please contact me at cwglobalconsulting@aol.com

Portland, Oregon, United States #1253867

I agree! Over half the fiberglass delaminated in the first 2 years.

Front stabilizer jack failed in same time frame. Awning motor failed in less than one year. Roof leaks. Kitchen faucet broke.

Galley holding tank cracked and is being replaced and the entire interior ceiling has a foil vapor barrier that ATTRACTS water, soaking all the insulation.

Dutchman Denali / Keystone sucks. Thus is a 2012 we bought new.

Los Altos, California, United States #1193911

I also bought this type of unit what a piece of junk 25 items and not one thing covered purchased a extended warranty and the dealer sold me a pig in a poke. Only covered the things that i didnt need fixed. What a piece of junk I wish I could give this thing away to someone but I am embarrassed.


So sorry you've had all these problems. We too have a Dutchman and have had many problems too!

Don't want to go into it, but they are not dependable and now found out the Good Sam insurance we took out, won't cover most of the problems!

Neither will the trailer insurance! Never again will we buy Dutchman!!!

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