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I have not bought an rv yet. I have been looking for a couple of months.

Because i am a partially diabled vet and have a very limited income, i have to find one that fits my needs and is affordable for me. I saw this one at dealers lot, a Coleman 2515rl, 2017. they said it was from factory like that...delamination?. It has been on the lot for 99 days.

Oh and there are 3 of these on lot to be sold. What do you guys think? Leary about getting it even at a very nice price. Is this indeed delam?

Could it have come frm the factory this way? What can i expect if i do get it?

Will it continue to spread? Please share any info you have on this matter...Thank you for your input.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2017 Dutchmen Coleman Light 2515rl Rv.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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As I disabled vet please DO NOT buy the Coleman they are garbage! We just bought the Coleman 1605FB light in April and we are on our 2nd one.

First one we bought at night took it home and noticed the next day that the whole camper was put on the frame crooked,so we drove it right back up to Camping World and I will say they made good on getting us a new one but not all quick like...they had the 1st one for almost 3 wks before they called us to come sign for the 2nd piece of junk...now I will say my husband did his homework before we took the 2nd one off the lot but it wasn't even 1month of owning the 2nd one and we started noticing 3 to 4 inch bubbles forming on the exterior wall of the slideout...it was delaminating! Sooo...we drove it right back up to CW and had them document the bubbles buy taking pictures and write out a paper and while we were gone on our 1st REAL trip they were to find out what the problem could be (joke).

So we proceed with our trip to the Smokies and get to our camp ground start getting the camper set and I go inside to prepair it and notice the walls are separating now above the bed (really! WTH) I'm fed up with this thing at this point I forgot to mention the crappy craftsmen ship that went into putting this thing together like how my husband spent 2 hrs and a bag of zip ties redoing all their crappy wiring and how the bathroom door came off the hinges and behind the hinges were already 3 drilled holes were someone who gets paid to make these 14,000.00 pieces of *** works...but anyways getting back to the real problem of the bubbles we come home take it back to C W for the 3rd time get the manger and the parts dept head out to see the new damage and they say very concerned and helpful well this is a huge problem and we'd like you to take it home unload it and bring it back to us..we'll have a Coleman rep out here right away and this problem will be resloved that's me laughing at their Bull**** because another 2 wks go by with no phone calls with any answers to that huge problem..my husband goes up there and suddenly the manger that was in charge of it hasn't been to work in 9 days...well how convenient it's been 2 wks since we brought it back to them now we find out he's no longer working there and we have to start this bullcrap with someone new...this guy says to give him a chance to solve this issue but honestly I'm already researching lawyers..we want our money back now I wouldn't want another one of these cheap boxes if they built it in front of me...please don't waste your hard earned money


I went to purchase a Coleman with the same issue. They said it os part of a recall but cannot be fixed so coleman is giving $2500 rebate.

I didnt think that was enough.

I did not purchase it because I was afraid it would get worse in the sun. I am looking at a 2018 Coleman outside of the recall.

to Anonymous Wauconda, Illinois, United States #1350172

Please read my comment above before you look into any Coleman Campers

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