2017 dutchmen kodiak ultimate has soft spot in floor, camping world disassemble it find no problems. No leak no bend, floor just soft in middle no body gonna believe its just bad design.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2017 Dutchmen Kodiak 283bhsl Rv.

Location: Robertsdale, Alabama

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US TOO! I'm trying for 4 months now to get Keystone to take this issue seriously.

Dry Delamination of the flooring. the dealership today told me the entire body would have to be lifted in order to replace the flooring. IT IS A MANUFACTURER DEFECT!!!

Keystone should step up and do the right thing and take care of this issue. We own a Kodiak 201 QB.

@Kyle S Wyb

I have the same model and problem

@Kyle S Wyb

We have the exact same issue in our 2016 Kodiak 276bhsl. So disappointing!


I also have a 201* 201QB with the same soft spot problem right in front of the kitchen sink. Very odd thing is we have not used our camper for months and the water isn't even hooked up, but the floor is clearly getting softer over time. Have any of you gotten any resolution to your problem?

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